All Natural Pancake Syrup or Ice Cream Sundae Topping
Note: This recipe can be used on top of the Abel to Cook Whole Wheat Pancakes with Chia Seeds and Oats or on top of the Abel to Cook Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (The vanilla recipe is the base for the Blackberry Ice Cream recipe on our site.)
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 8 to 12
  • 1 cup whole, fresh or frozen strawberries without tops (or substitute your favorite fruit)
  • ½ cup of light honey (I used a honey I bought at the farmer’s market that is nearly colorless and not as strong as traditional, gold colored honey
  1. Puree strawberries in food processor or with a small hand mixer until they are liquid
  2. Add honey and whisk to combine
  3. Serve over pancakes, waffles or ice cream.

Whole-Wheat-Chia-Seed-Panca Chia-Seed-Pancakes-Topped-with-Berries