to Cook is the healthy cooking and healthy eating education division of Abel Fitness Training.

Abel to Cook is passionate about teaching people how to cook healthier and make better food choices. Our goal is to teach people that healthy meals can be fast, easy and delicious. We teach clients how to make meals in less time than it takes to go through a drive through, order delivery or go to a restaurant. We also show people that cooking healthy meals at home is less expensive than dining out and can potentially lower their healthcare costs too.

Abel to Cook knows a healthier workforce is a more productive and profitable workforce. Our services will help positively impact your company’s bottom line and help your employees live a healthier and more productive life.

Many healthcare providers are offering companies incentives to improve the overall health of their workforce. Diet is 80% of that battle. Nutrition has a significant impact on biometrics such as cholesterol, sugar and triglycerides, just to name a few.

For individuals, Abel to Cook is committed to teaching people the importance of healthy eating so that they can live a longer, healthier life for themselves and their loved ones.

No matter what size company or family you have, Abel to Cook has programs to fit your needs and your budget.

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